Crossing Souls Press Kit

Welcome to Crossing Souls’ Press page! Here you’ll find all you need to be well informed about Crossing Souls, in deed there’s all the necessary to post your ultimate rad article about our lovely game. But, in case you need any additional information or have something to ask don’t hesitase to ask to us!

Fact Sheet




It’s 1986 in California. A group of friends discover a mysterious pink stone that allows to travel between two realms. This gang will live the summer of their lives in an adventure that will get them involved in a government conspiracy. Control five kids with specials skills while fighting and solving puzzles in order to save their families and the world.



Crossing Souls is an action-adventure with RPG touches set in a pixeled California. Control five characters: Chris, Matt, Charlie, Big Joe and Kevin. Each one has unique skills and their own combat style.

Fight in real-time combats, solve diverse puzzles, beat powerful bosses and play special levels inspired by 80’s arcade videogames.

As the game progresses you can unlock new items and abilities that will be helpful for this world-saving adventure. Fights and puzzles will become more difficult, so you’d better have a well-planned strategy.


Key Features

  • Feel the eighties – Do you feel that? Do you smell that? Yeah, it’s the eighties. A story set in 1986 full of references such as The Goonies, Gremlins, Back to the Future and many more.
  • Do you like Cartoons? – The cutscenes are inspired by 80’s cartoons, totally original and never seen before in a videogame.
  • Why is this happening? – Be part of a journey between two realms, two realities: life and death. The story includes a government conspiracy, thousand-year-old characters, cowboys, pirates, ice cream, pizza, cheeseburgers, basketball… well, you got it.
  • This music rocks! – An original score that includes tracks inspired by John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith as well as radical Synth-Pop in the purest 80’s style. Play as if it was one of your favorite movies!
  • Ready? Fight! – You can kick multiple enemies in the ass stylishly. Fight against street gangs, a secret army, dead monsters, creepy ghosts and many more in frantic real-time combats where a good strategy will be essential to win. Main characters have unique talents and aptitudes.



Fourattic is an indie developing team from Seville, Spain.

We started working as a team making webs and mobile games for another companies. But an incoming idea was growing in our minds: Crossing Souls, and with it, the idea that making our own videogames is our future.

We are currently working hard on Crossing Souls, our first videogame.

We don’t lose sight of our humble beginnings neither our gamer childhood. That’s why our dream offers the players a lot of sensations, stories, ideas and enjoyment. Those good memories and nostalgia that remain engraved on you forever. We think there’s nothing better, and that’s why we work hard every day with a smile on our faces.



Here we attach some material to make your article the most radical and fresh thing in the world. You’ll find everything you need: From videos to sprites and screenshots!

If your VHS breaks the tape don’t be worried! We have more copies on the internet!


Some videos and trailers just backed from our old fashioned VHS.

You can download all of them as a .zip here.


Some colourful screenshots from the game.

You can download all of them as a .zip here.


What about the music? Let us introduce you about Synth Pop by the hand of our retro awesome synth master Timecop1983 and the incredible sound of our orchestral music made by the talentous musician Chris Köbke:


We’re really thankfull with all the people that helped us and collaborate along the project. Here is a list of the core team. As small team everyone participated in every aspect of the game, but here are the team members’ focuses:

  • Alfonso Cueto – Programming
  • Daniel Benítez – Art
  • Fernando de Luna – Programming
  • Juan Diego Vázquez – Programming
  • Juan Gabriel Jaén – Art for more info.